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3 Self Care Tips For Busy Mums This Christmas

April 21, 2021 2 min read

What a year!

It saw a lot of hurting and a lot of change in how we live our daily lives.
It is easy to look back and see a lot of negatives.
But upon the Christmas season there comes a sense of gratitude and nostalgia.

I, like so many others struggled a lot this year. At times, it felt like it was never going to end.
But that isn't what I want to take from it.
The biggest lesson I learnt in Locked down Victoria was how to manage my mental health and how important self-care is - especially for us Mums.

Christmas brings a lot of beauty but, if we are being real, it can also bring chaos and stress.
It might seem futile to even try to find the time for self-care, but it isn't. And if we can find the "Me Moment", then the whole experience may become that much richer for everyone.
So, here at Little Woods we would love to share 3 easy tips on how we have managed self-care during a time of stress, chaos and general crazy...

1. Use the "3 Hour Reset" mentality.
If any of you follow Tiff Hall, she has frequently mentions the three hour reset. This is so helpful for parents. We can be juggling so much at any point in the day, and sometimes the stress or pressure gets the better of us and we snap. We then feel guilty and possibly beat ourselves up for, sometimes, the rest of the day.
Don't do it.
Hit reset.
Take a mo - 5 minutes to deep breathe and think, "that three hour block is done. I am starting fresh."
This can apply with the kids, bad eating, lack of exercise - anything we struggle with in the last 3 hours. Put it in the 3 hour block and slam that door shut and move on.

2. Beat the Kids to Wake Up!
Being a mum of four, I stay up late because I'm enjoying kid free time before I turn the lights out. With a young bub, I'm often awake overnight so early mornings are very unappealing to me.
BUT.. Once I committed to getting up before the kids (usually at 6) I found having a coffee and quiet breakfast means for a really good mindset for the day.
As hard as it is to get out of bed in the morning... the benefits outweigh the extra half hour of sleep. Trust me.

3. Find only 20 Minutes for you daily.
20 minutes. That is it.
It is such a good place to start and makes a huge difference.
It's 2 Bluey episodes, or thereabouts... I don't mind how you do it guys... but commit to 20 minutes in a day just for you and you'd be surprised at how much more centred you feel.
Exercise, meditation, read a book - whatever gives you that peace you need. Do that.

Enjoy this Christmas season everyone.
We survived 2021 and we deserve every second of happiness that comes our way.
Stay well, stay safe and enjoy time with your little ones!

Much love,
Sascha (Mum of 4, chief packer at Little Woods)