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6 Rainy Day Kids Activities

August 28, 2019 2 min read

I’m always looking for ways to make #MumLife easier! With the number of rainy days we have had here in Melbourne lately, I have spent so much time scrolling Pinterest for easy activities to set up for the kids on wet weather days. This is why I love Pinterest – you’ll find a barrage of different activities that you can pick and choose from.

See my Kids Activity Pinterest board here.

I have compiled my top 6 easy activities to set up for your kids below. They only require few materials that you most likely have in your house already making them super duper easy.

1. Edible Finger Paint This one kills two birds with one stone – they can play with their paint and then eat it! Simply spoon a dollop of yoghurt into a muffin tray and then add a drop of food colouring into each one. Get the kids to stir it in and then viola! You have edible finger paint that provides a lot of fun. They especially love eating it up afterwards!

2. Flower and cotton wool stamps Send the kids outside to collect different types of flowers, whilst you set up some cotton wool and pegs along with different coloured paints. Simply pop a piece of cotton wool onto a peg ready for the kids to dip it into the paint and onto paper. They can do this with the flowers they have brought in, too.

3. Painting Ice Cubes Whilst you have the paint out, grab some ice cubes and pop into a bowl. Kids can paint onto the ice with a paint brush and create different coloured cubes. This one is just so easy!

4. Cardboard Box Drawing We always have large boxes lying around, so make sure when you get a delivery of something that you keep it stored away for a rainy day. Give the kids coloured textas and let them hop in the box and colour away. This keeps them entertained for ages!

5. Glow stick bath Run a bath, turn the lights off and give the kids glow sticks! Just pop some tunes on and your bathroom then becomes a little disco! Always supervise your child during this activity.

6. Body Tracing You will need a few pieces of A3 paper to stick together. Once this is done ask your child to lye down on top of it and you can trace around their body. They find this hilarious! Once that’s done they can decorate it with hair, a face, clothes, jewellery etc.

Have you got any rainy day activities that your kids love? I’d love to hear them – please comment below!