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Kid's Menus... have we outgrown them?

March 06, 2020 2 min read

We try so hard to start our kids feeding journey in a positive way and aim to continue to do this throughout our kids childhood. Unfortunately, when we go out to restaurants and cafes, the kid’s menu they provide doesn’t reflect what our efforts look like at home. This really grinds my gears!

The experience of eating out with kids provides them such a great opportunity to explore new and different foods. Children are more inclined to try new foods away from home… but then when we read the kids menu, it mostly consists of low-nutrient foods such as nuggets and chips, pizza and spag bol. There goes the chance for your little ones to try a new, healthy food.

I’d really like to see restaurants and cafes offer a variety of foods in their kid’s menu. It’s fine to offer foods that are easy for kids to eat, but without sacrificing on nutrition. I’d like to see them create menus that inspire kids to try new foods and make their parents happy.

Let’s give our kids the credit they deserve! Our kids love watching us eat, and want to eat what we eat, too. But if they are offered pizza, nuggets and chips, what do you think they will choose? The easy option of course.

I believe that it’s ok to offer these foods on the kid’s menu, but to add a bigger variety so we can make the choice for them, not the restaurant.

Italy and many places in the UK don’t have a kids menu, and instead offer half size portions of what is offered on the main menu. This is what I’m talking about!

When we dine out as a family, we often buy one main meal and split it between the two kids. This way I can choose a much more nutritious meal for them which almost always has something they haven’t eaten before in it.

Are there any places you like to take your family that have a great kid’s menu?