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Modelling Gratitude To Your Kids

October 08, 2019 2 min read

Often, we spend our lives seeking to feel good in the future while being stressed and worried in the present. I don't know about you, but this is one of my big issues! One thing I've recently learnt is that with gratitude, you feel good already. And I like that feeling much more than feeling stressed!

If we want our kids to be more grateful in life, we need to model it ourselves. It's such an important skill to teach them so young, because it is a much more difficult habit to get into as an adult.

Research has shown that being grateful strengthens our immune systems and protects our cardiovascular systems among so many other benefits. Being grateful helps us see the bigger picture in life. The more thankful we are, the more happier we are!

Here are 3 ways to be more grateful:

  • Write what you are grateful for in a journal - you only need to do this once a week for it to show affect, however doing it each night before bed is a wonderful habit to get into. Writing three things you are grateful for is what you need to aim for. You can even get your kids to do the same thing - depending on their age. If they are younger, you can simply ask them what they are grateful for today after you read them a bed time story and before you kiss them goodnight. Verbalising their gratitude works so well for them.
  • Tell someone you appreciate them, either by text, email or in person. It can even be the same person you buy your coffee from each day, or your child's teacher etc. Last week I even thanked my Courier Driver and told him I really appreciated him being so reliable. It felt good!
  • Appreciate the little things everyday, whether that be the beauty of flowers, the swaying of trees in the wind, the warmth from the sun on your face etc. Talk to your kids about those things when you're at the park, or on a walk etc.

I encourage you to start now if you haven't already and see how it can change how you think and feel over time.

Tell me - what are you grateful for today?