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The Funnest Popsicle Molds For Kids This Summer!

December 15, 2021 1 min read

Our brand new Starsicle popsicle mold is the tray that does it all! 

From bite size popsicles, left-over smoothies, fruit puree and ice-creams.  To mini lunchbox muffins, savory snacks, cup cakes and cute cake-pops. 

We have given them a big test run and have been busy making the kids easy and healthy muffins for breakfast, popsicles during backyard picnics and treats at kids birthday parties. Our molds are so versatile, you'll want more than one!



Have a look at what we did with a frozen bag of mango using our molds!


Our Starsicle molds are freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. While one is in the dishwasher, the other can be in the oven making healthy and easy muffins for the kids!



Featuring a wide tray so leaky liquids are kept at bay (and not all over your freezer) and non-stick silicone with rounded corners so your treats slide straight out.  Each star shaped portion is perfectly sized for little hands and little bodies who love a treat but don’t need an adult size serve. 



We know the Starsicle will become a favourite in your kitchen faster than you can say up-up-and-away!

Each tray is 350mm x 160mm with ten 30mm deep stars.  Available in 3 gorgeous summer colours with ten reusable popsicle sticks, perfect for little hands included with every tray.