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Suction VS No Suction

April 11, 2021 2 min read

These days, everyone is jumping on the suction bandwagon. I get that parents want a bowl or plate that sticks because, let's face it, mealtimes with babies are messy!

Put simply, suctioned tableware just isn't needed. The food throwing phase only lasts such a short time, and although it is frustrating for us as parents to deal with allll the mess, it is a very normal and healthy part of their development.

We don’t believe in putting suction on any of our bowls and plates. Many babies learn how to pull the suction off, which then means the bowl/plate is flung half way across the room! If your baby gets frustrated at the table (because all they can think about is removing the suction!), then mealtime is practically over for your little one.

We also believe that our tableware pieces should last from babyhood to childhood, and don’t want to see our bowls and plates stashed in your Tupperware drawer and not be used. Most suction pieces are only used for a short time and then become redundant.

Our customers often tell us that they haven't had good experiences using suction tableware and come to us wanting tableware that is quality and will last for years to come. We also want to encourage parents to embrace the mess as much as possible as there are so many developmental benefits of messy eating and we certainly don't want your little one becoming frustrated at the table. Messy eating is also a form of sensory play and provides important sensory experiences. Once children are familiar and comfortable with the sensory information of their food, they are more willing to eat it. Messy eating also promotes their fine motor skills.

Have you ever bought a suction plate and did it stick? How long did you use it for?


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