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The Benefits Of Using Silicone Straws

April 21, 2021 2 min read

Our world is slowly changing – and for the better. The UK recently banned the use of plastic straws and have made it illegal for any business to use or sell them.

Many Australian cafes and restaurants these days supply their patrons with paper or metal straws. We are shifting to a world that is more environmentally conscious and sustainable and our oceans and waterways are thanking us for it. You just have to take one look at the damaging effects that plastic is having on our environment which can be enough for us to realise we need to choose a better way.

There are a few alternatives to using plastic straws

These include bamboo, metal and of course silicone (our fave!). Unfortunately, metal isn’t the safest option for our kids. If your child likes to chew or bite down on their straw then metal is not the answer as they come with a risk of mouth lacerations. They are, however easy to care for.

Bamboo straws are harder to clean, and handwashing is the best method to clean them if you want them to last. If you don’t wash and dry them thoroughly, they can get mouldy.

Silicone is a wonderful material as it’s durable, soft on gums, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Everything you want with kids! It doesn’t support the growth of mould or bacteria and they are flexible enough to really scrub well with a cleaning brush.

Have you seen our Twirly Straws?They are a global first 100% non-toxic silicone curly straw, which is fun, safe and gentle on little mouths whilst being tough on bacteria. Each straw is flexible enough to be stretched straight for quick and easy cleaning. No build up, residual smell or nasty black gunk in the twists!

Our straws are ideal for smoothies, so if you or your little ones are smoothie lovers like us, you can also download our free e-guide: ‘5 Fun Smoothie Recipes’ by signing up to our tribe at the bottom of the page here.

Have you made the switch from plastic yet? If not, give our new Twirly Straws a go – your kids will love them!